Lombok Round Trip

Posted on 2014-04-25 17:01:34

Highlight :
Gunung Sari Local Market, Pusuk & Mongkey Forest, Traditional Village, Sendang Gile Waterfall, Tiu
Kelep Waterfall, Sembalun Valley, Sapit Pady Terrace. Loyok Rattan Craft Village.
Descriptions :
This tour will take a full day, began departing from the hotel around 08:00 am, after breakfast, or you can bring your morning meal in the box and enjoy it in the car while on the go.

Our first destination is the local market Gunung sari, here we can see the morning market activity and the way they sell, do not forget to buy bananas or nuts to feed the monkeys in pusuk.

After it directly to pusuk to enjoy the fresh air and the atmosphere in the cold morning with surrounded by a group of monkeys.

Then go to the village traditional in Segenter or Senaru to see the lifestyle of people who passed on the north Lombok, after that we continued to explore two waterfalls at Senaru, these two are Sendang Gile Waterfall about 15 minutes from the entrance, and Tiu Kelep waterfall about 30 minutes from the sendang gile. It is the highest waterfall in Lombok. The water comes from the crater of Mount Rinjani forest that has existed since decades of the last century, its existence can be seen from irrigation cave made by the Dutch when they occupied the north of Lombok around seven centuries ago. When he returned from Tiu Kelep waterfall, we will pass the cave of the irrigation system.

Lunch will be held at the restaurant around Senaru, then proceed to the trip Sembalun under rinjani mountain, the village is famous for its stunning area surrounded by hills and mountainous row, in the vicinities of the very cold weather. The farmers here grow various kinds of herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Curiously, we can directly into his strawberry fields and pluck the ripe fruit and fresh from the stalk.

After exploration in Sembalun completed, we will proceed to the village Sapit, here the famous pady terrace located in the mountain valleys of the landscape rinjani and facing directly to Sumbawa island. But before arriving at Sapit, we will stop over at the top Sembalun Lawang, here we can see

Sembalun region and parts of eastern Lombok, and Sumbawa.

From Sapit drive ahead to Loyok where the rattan craft is, this place could be in about 30 minutes from Sapit. In Loyok, some of his people make souvenirs with rattan raw materials.

then Return to the hotel.

What to Bring :
Camera, Hats, Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Towel, Hand Towel, Cash.
Tour Includes :
AC Car, English Speaking Driver, Mineral Water, Entrance Fee, Local Guide Fee,   Parking Fee, Candy.
Tour Excludes :
Lunch, Donations, Guide Tips, Other Expenses

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